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Our Mission

The Muscle Car Museum was created to provide a haven dedicated to showcasing the magnificent muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. Our goal is to provide a space where younger generations can marvel at the genuine works of art crafted by Australians, built by Australians, and once driven by their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers.

For the older generations, it’s a nostalgic journey, an opportunity to relive their childhood and reconnect with the cars that they or their friends once owned and drove. Our museum is a living tribute to the automotive heritage that shaped the lives of the older generations.

Beyond the chrome and horsepower, we envision the Muscle Car Museum as a place where the younger generation can come together and take pride in our nation’s achievements in the automotive industry. It’s more than just cars; it’s a celebration of the innovation, craftsmanship, and national pride that define our rich automotive history.

Join us on this journey through time, where each car tells a story and every visit is a step towards preserving and celebrating the legacy of Australian muscle cars. Welcome to the Muscle Car Museum—where passion meets history, and the spirit of our automotive heritage lives on.

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Our Values

Preserving Automotive Legacy

Explore iconic Aussie muscle cars from the 60s and 70s, preserving a rich automotive heritage.

Nostalgic Journey for the Older Generation

Relive cherished memories with vintage rides, connecting generations through the stories of classic cars.

Celebration of National Pride

Experience Australian innovation at its best, celebrating our automotive achievements in a global context.

Where Passion Meets History

Immerse in the spirit of our automotive heritage—a dynamic space where passion and history collide.


Mad Max Interceptor Replica

The Mad Max Interceptor replica is a homage to the iconic vehicular masterpiece that roared across the dystopian wastelands of the Australian Outback in the classic film series, “Mad Max.”